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👥 How do user roles and platform access work?
👥 How do user roles and platform access work?

Manage team access levels easily with User Roles: Admin vs. Owner. Add, promote, demote, and revoke access with a click!

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You can easily manage your team and who has access through the Team page.

🦸 Admin Vs. Owner

An Owner gives you access to perform specific tasks that an admin user can't do or view:

  • Revoke access to a user. This will remove them from the platform, and they cannot log in anymore.

  • View audit logs. Key events in the platform are logged and have an audit trail showing which user acted and at what time.

  • Add new users to the team.

  • Ability to demote other owners to admin users.

  • Ability to promote an admin user to an owner.

  • View the Admin panel page and set defaults for deal creations, such as:

    • Always ask for Discord and/or Telegram

    • Choose which stablecoins on Ethereum or BSC you accept

    • Create default questions

    • Create default consent checkboxes

    • Upload logo

    • Upload contribution page header

Except for these six, the admin and owners can see and manage the same features.

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