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πŸ’™ How to add custom branding
πŸ’™ How to add custom branding

Customize Presail for your brand! Add your logo and brand color, or have Presail on your custom domain.

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You can tweak certain parts of Presail's platform to align it with your brand.

Currently, you can:

  • Add your logo

  • Set custom branding color

  • Have the Presail platform on a custom domain

πŸ”₯ Adding Your Logo

You can add your logo from the Admin panel page.

The recommendations for uploading a logo are:

  • Max file size: 150kb

  • Recommended format: 250x250 pixels.

  • Recommended file type: png, jpg

⭐️ If your logo is over 150kb - we recommend using to reduce the file size without losing quality. It supports files under 5MB and .png and .jpg.

  • While on the Admin panel page click on the "Upload Image" box on the right, select your image and click Save.

Once you have uploaded your logo, it will be visible on the following:

  • The sidebar

  • The sidebar on the investor portal

  • The login screen

  • The top navbar on mobile. Visible to your investors while being on all pages in the investor portal, including a contribution page.

🎨 Adding Your Custom Brand Color

You can add your own brand color to make Presail and it's interface look and feel native to your own brand, to do this navigate to the Admin panel and edit the color fields on the right under your logo.

Your brand color will be present on

  • The navbar navigation

  • Login screen

  • Contribution page

🀩 Custom Domain

Most clients prefer to have Presail run on their custom domain.

Meaning that instead of being on f.ex:, you have a sub-domain such as

This allows all deal pages to have that URL and your members to access their Investor Portal through that URL.

You can choose what you want the URL to be.

You can contact your account executive to set up a custom domain.

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