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🀝 Can I migrate/import past deals to Presail?
🀝 Can I migrate/import past deals to Presail?

Learn how to import deals to Presail in just 24-48 hours! We support Excel, CSV, and .tsv file types. No limit on deals to migrate.

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Short answer: Yes. You can migrate all your existing data into Presail.
​The importer is especially useful if:

  • You have a lot of deals or investment rounds you have completed before starting to use Presail, and want to get the benefit of managing all your raises in one place.

  • If you want to import and reflect an allocation in your allocation management for any stakeholder that has not contributed an amount on-chain to your raise. This can for instance be for individuals who are investing through FIAT currency, or for team members or advisors who are owed tokens as part of a vesting schedule.

  • If you want to enable OTC trading for deals or investment rounds you have completed before you started using Presail.

  • If you want to distribute tokens and manage the token vesting schedules of all your deals or investment rounds in one place.

  • If you want to provide all your investors with an overview of all their deals in one place through the investor portal Presail provides for each individual investor.

πŸ€” How do you import deals?

In order to import a deal, the data has to be outlined in a spreadsheet.
We support:

  • Excel / Spreadsheets

  • CSV

  • .tsv (tab-separated values)

We employ an automated importer to scan CSV and other spreadsheet formats, extracting and importing data from the specified fields.

πŸ“Š What Data Should Be Included?


  • Investors wallet address

  • Fee percentage (if no fee is applied, the entire column has to contain 0 as a value)

And at least one of the following:

  • Transaction hash

  • Invested amount or allocation (before fee)

  • Invested amount or allocation (after fee)

βœ‹ How can I import my deals?

  • Just contact you account manager and prepare all your spreadsheets in a Google sheets folder. We will review the format of the data and provide feedback. When everything is looks clear for both parties, we will start the import process

πŸ™‹ Do Imported Deals Become Visible In The Investor Portal?

Yes! That's one of the main reasons why people choose to import.

πŸ”’ How Many Deals Can I Import?

There is no limit on how many deals you can migrate. However, depending on the amount of data cleaning required, it can take longer.

An average client that wants to import typically imports 10 - 20 deals. However, some clients have imported over 200.

⏳ How Long Does It Take To Finish The Import?

That depends on two factors:

  • Amount of data cleaning required (f.ex, if the files don't say what fee you're taking, what the wallets are)

  • Amount of deals you want to import.

However, in most cases, it will take 24-48 hours.

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