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What is Presail?
⛵️ What is Presail?
⛵️ What is Presail?

How Presail works, what it can do for your business and what makes it different to other solutions.

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📈 What Can I Do With Presail?

Presail is an all-in-one system, and depending on your needs can automate and help you scale different processes. Most of our clients use us for the following:

  • Fundraising. We support anything from a basic setup to highly advanced setups.

  • Investor Portal. Give your investors a branded platform to view and manage their investments.

  • Allocation management. If you have investors that want to change their wallet or contact information, or if you have to issue a refund, our allocation management overview keeps everything accurate and up-to-date while providing an audit trail that lets you see what's happened.

  • Token vesting and distribution. Accurately and quickly distribute the correct token amount to the right investors with a button click.

  • Token vesting and scheduling. Create vesting schedules for deals from start to end. Show breakdown of all batches (distributions) ahead of time. Distribute effortlessly from predefined token estimates. Show upcoming events for both admins and investors.

  • OTC secondary marketplace. Import your allocations overview, and allow investors to start listing, buying, and selling their allocations - both before the token is minted as well as after.

  • Compliance. Are you worried about the regulatory changes? And find the process overwhelming and tooling too expensive? Talk to our Head of Compliance, and take advantage of our tools, such as KYC and KYT.

📌 Who Uses Presail?

The majority of our clients are investment groups. Typically they have anywhere from twenty to thousands of investors.

These investors pool together funds and invest in Web 3.0 startups.

The administrator of these groups uses Presail to manage, facilitate and process all of their deal flow.

In addition, the investors in the investment group can access their own Investor Portal. This is part of the Presail system and allows individual investors to view and manage all the investments they have made in the group.

We also work directly with projects and startups, but they represent a smaller percentage of our client base.

🫵 Is Presail For You?

Presail isn't for everyone. As a result, we have an application process. We are selective about who we work with and try to identify clients that share our values.

Presail is a good fit for:

  • Businesses that care about compliance and regulation.

  • Businesses that are scaling up or experiencing rapid growth.

  • Businesses that care about their brand and how they are perceived.

Presail is not a good fit for:

  • Investment groups that are in their infancy. Where the entity isn't established yet.

  • Unclear revenue model, or have little capital on hand.

  • Invest with or into questionable startups from a regulatory point of view, such as darknets, mixers, etc.

⭐️ What Sets Presail Apart?

Presail is the only system built for people challenging the traditional way of investing.

The founders of Presail have been a part of investment groups for the last seven years. They have first-hand experience with presale investments' challenges, pain points, and headaches.

We are a holistic, all-in-one system that our clients run their businesses on.

We focus on solving problems targetted at:

  • fundraising

  • allocation management

  • token vesting and distribution

  • OTC

  • compliance

Traditionally, investment groups rely on Spreadsheets and manual labor to stay afloat. We aim to remove all operational burdens, allowing our clients to focus on scaling their businesses.

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