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🌊 How to move an allocation to a different pool
🌊 How to move an allocation to a different pool

Learn how to move an investor allocation between pools. Fully or partially transfer an allocation in just a few clicks.

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You can move an investor allocation from one pool to another, fully or partially.

🏊 How To Perform A Pool Change

  1. Navigate to the Fundraising page for the specific deal.

  2. Identify the allocation you want to move, and click on it to proceed.

  3. A modal will appear; click on Pool change.

  4. Choose the correct pool you want to move from in From.

  5. Select the pool you want to move it to in To.

  6. Specify how much of the total allocation you want to move to the new pool.

  7. Click the blue Move allocation button.

That allocation will now be associated with the new pool you specified.

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