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🛠️ What is the OTC service fee?
🛠️ What is the OTC service fee?
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The service fee for completing an OTC is the total fee of:

  • The investment group

  • Presail

⭐️ The buyer pays the service fee in the final step. After the trade has been approved.

➕ How Is The Fee Added?

The fee is added to the total sum of the buy order. This means that if a buyer wants to complete a $1000 OTC trade, the buyer will have to pay $1000 + service fee to complete the purchase.

🧑‍💼 How Does It Work For The Investment Group?

The investment group decide their own service fee.

For a short guide on how to set up your fee click here.

⛵️ Why Does Presail Charge A Service Fee?

  • To maintain and deliver the marketplace system.

  • Cover costs that occur with a trade, f.ex:

    • Identify verification scans

    • On-chain risk assessment, such as KYT (know your transaction)

Presail charges a fixed flat fee.

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