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πŸ§‘β€πŸš€ How to manage investors
πŸ§‘β€πŸš€ How to manage investors

Learn how to use the "Investors" page to manage all your investors.

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In addition to the allocation overview you see inside pools in your deal. The investor's page on Presail is tailored to make it easy to manage all your investors on an aggregated level across all deals.

  • You get a holistic overview of all your investors in one place.

  • You can search for individual investors and see their investment history.

  • You can gather key insights by sorting each column containing data.

  • You can export all the key investor data into a spreadsheet.

ℹ️ What kind of investor data is presented?

In the holistic overview, you can see the following details about each one of your investors:

  • E-mail

  • Account wallet address

  • Telegram address

  • KYC status

  • Country (If the investor has completed KYC)

  • Total amount invested

  • Amount of deals invested in

  • Average investment amount

  • Number of OTC trades

  • Date of the last contribution made.

πŸ‘₯ How do I add my investors?

Investors are currently added automatically to your database when you fundraise or import previous allocation history and/or vesting schedules. Contact us directly on Telegram if you want help with importing previous history: @iNakazumi.

πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ How can I find specific details about an investor?

Search for any investor using the search field in the investor tab. Click on any investor you want to see their individual profile. The individual profile will show key info about the investor, such as.

  • Number of contributions made

  • Social links

  • The specific deals the investor participated in

  • The amount the investor has invested in each deal

  • Number of OTC trades made

  • The average investment amount

  • The vesting progress in each of the investor's deals

  • Wallet information the investor has added while contributing

  • KYC status

If the investor has completed a KYC through Presail, you can also see:

  • The country of the issued KYC ID

  • Date of the last completed Politically Exposed Person scan

  • Date of the last completed Watchlist Report scan

  • An AML risk score

  • Country ban status

  • Country sanction status

  • Country terrorism risk status

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