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✅ Why should I activate KYC for my investors?
✅ Why should I activate KYC for my investors?
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As an investment group, it is important that you know who your investors are, whether they are associated with illegal or illicit activities, and whether they pose a risk to your business.

Activating KYC requires investors to identify themself with a valid ID, and screenings are performed to check whether the individual is sanctioned or associated with other unlawful activities.

✅ Presail KYC

KYC is an integrated feature on the Presail platform. The feature can be activated through a simple click.

When setting up fundraising for a deal, require KYC by toggling the switch under "Investor information".

KYC deactivated

KYC activated

Presail does the rest for you!

  • The investors are required to sign in with a valid government ID and to do a biometric verification to confirm their identity

  • Presail collects, analyzes, and verifies government ID and biometric data

  • Sanctions screening, PEP screening, and adverse media screening is conducted on all investors who have passed the ID and biometric verification

  • If any of your investors are found to be high risk, or associated with illegal or illicit activities, we will notify you.

Our KYC process includes both automated checks and manual review. The review process is based on rigorous due diligence methodology. If any risks are identified, Presail always reviews and analyzes the information prior to approval/rejection.

If you would like to learn more about the KYC process, let us know.

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