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πŸ’΅ Does Presail support FIAT investments?
πŸ’΅ Does Presail support FIAT investments?

Learn how you can easily reflect an allocation done through FIAT in the allocation management of your raise.

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Presail currently does not have a FIAT on-ramp, but it is possible to reflect an allocation in the allocation management without having an on-chain transaction. While you still have to receive the FIAT outside Presail, the investment can be managed inside Presail like any other allocation.
All FIAT investments are imported using the Presail importer. We help you import the contact information of any investor and the exact amount they contributed through FIAT into the allocation management. You can read more about how to import investment in this article.
The investors who invest through FIAT will receive tokens according to the vesting schedule just like any other investor, and their allocation will appear in their investor portal.

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