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⚠️ An investor's wallet has been hacked. What should I do?
⚠️ An investor's wallet has been hacked. What should I do?

In the scenario that a wallet has been compromised, it is paramount that you move the investor's allocations to a new account.

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In the event that an investor's wallet is compromised, it is crucial to promptly transfer the investor's allocation to a new account in Presail. Be aware that a hacker who has obtained access to an investor's wallet can sign into the investor's portal using their account and manipulate sensitive data.

An important caveat to bear in mind is that modifying the investor's receiving wallets is not a comprehensive solution, as the hacker retains the ability to sign into the account where allocations are housed and potentially alter the receiving wallets associated with the open deals to which the investor has contributed.

Moving the allocations to a new account is the only way to make sure the hacker doesn't have access to modify sensitive data. We have created a comprehensive guide on how you can change an account wallet if an investor has been hacked.

If you are an investor whose wallet has been compromised, it is imperative to promptly notify your platform's administrator, who can then assist in modifying the account to which your allocations are linked.

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