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😐 Why is my KYC "pending" and how do I proceed?
😐 Why is my KYC "pending" and how do I proceed?
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πŸ€” If your KYC is "pending," the reason is one of the following:

  • Your ID verification is incomplete or incorrect

  • We need additional information from you

πŸ«₯ How do I complete the ID verification correctly?

To complete the ID verification correctly, please follow the instructions outlined here.

πŸ“„ How will I know if additional information is required from me?

We will contact you via email, if we need information from you to complete the ID verification. If you have not received an email from us, this means you have to go back and make sure you have done the ID verification correctly (see previous step).

How can I speed up the review process?

Check your email frequently, and take the time to respond with accurate information. This will reduce the time spent on going back and forth, which delays the process.

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