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πŸ‘€ What is an account wallet?
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When an individual connects to a Presail platform, an account is generated. The wallet address used to log in is defined as the account wallet. The account wallet is intricately linked with the investor's wallet address used for contributions.

  • Allocations displayed in the investor portal are determined by the account wallet that an investor contributes from. An investor can choose different wallets for receiving tokens, but the allocation will still belong to the investor portal of the account wallet.

  • Every time an investor connects and contributes through a new wallet, a distinct account is established. To maintain clarity and order, we strongly advise investors to restrict their contributions from a single account and to contribute through one wallet.

  • In situations where a user initiates and contributes through multiple accounts, the potential for confusion arises, as allocations pertaining to the investor will be distributed across separate investor portals.

  • If an investor, having contributed through multiple accounts, prefers to consolidate all their allocations in a single investor portal, this guide explains how a platform administrator can move an allocation from one account to another.

If an investor has a wallet that has been compromised or hacked, it is imperative that you move all the investor's allocations to a new account wallet of the investor's choice. Until the allocations are moved, the investor's allocations are still at risk.

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