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🕰️ How do I set up a vesting schedule and distribute tokens?
🕰️ How do I set up a vesting schedule and distribute tokens?

Detailed guide on how to set up Vesting & Distributions

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💡 What this feature allows you to do

  • Create vesting schedules for deals from start to end

  • Show breakdown of all batches (distributions) ahead of time

  • Distribute effortlessly from predefined token estimates

  • Showing upcoming events for both admins and investors

📆 Setting Up A Vesting Schedule For The First Time

[Basic Guide]

1️⃣ Go inside the deal you wish to add vesting for.

2️⃣ Navigate to the Distributions tab and click Create schedule to the right.
3️⃣ Enter in the info as shown in the module: TGE %, TGE date, No. of batches (excl. TGE), First batch date and the Batch interval.
4️⃣ Click Configure vesting schedule to save the changes.
5️⃣ To edit the schedule afterwards click Edit schedule.

6️⃣ If you wish you can manually start distribution by clicking Start distribution.

To start distributing without setting up a schedule skip the previous steps and scroll down to the next guide on "Completing A Distribution".

To allow investors to edit their info click after investing in a deal, go inside that deals page and click on the Edit toggle button.

📤 Completing A Distribution [Basic Guide]

1️⃣ Go inside the deal you wish to complete a distribution for.

2️⃣ Navigate to the Distributions tab.
3️⃣ Click Start distribution.
4️⃣ Select the correct network and token address, click Next then click Generate breakdown.
5️⃣ Click Distribute now to start the distribution process.

📆 Setting Up A Vesting Schedule For The First Time

[Advanced Guide]

In order to start distributing tokens or display upcoming distributions, you need to create a vesting schedule first. This guide will take you through everything you need to know to get started.

Creating schedules with deals and allocations already in Presail

If you’ve already fundraised or made allocation imports in Presail you can simply create a vesting schedule by navigating to the Distribution tab inside the deal, or navigate to it directly from your deals overview by clicking "Create vesting schedule" as shown here:

Creating schedules with deals and allocations from outside Presail

When you are going to distribute from existing allocations and vesting schedules originated from outside of Presail, you would need to import these allocations first. Reach out to @iNakazumi on Telegram to get started. In the meantime click "Create new deal", fill in all applicable deal information and navigate to the "Distribution" tab until we help you with the imports. Ignore the fundraising sections if you are not going to raise funds.

Configuring the schedule

Presail will automatically generate the vesting schedule and all upcoming distributions for your deal with some simple inputs.

Fill in the presented fields and generate the breakdown:

TGE percentage (%): Input the percentage that will be distributed on TGE.

No. of batches (excl. TGE): Input the number of distributions excluding TGE distribution.

Dates: Set the date for the TGE, and the date for the first batch after TGE.

Batch interval: Select which interval suits your schedule.

When dates are not determined

If there is information that isn't decided yet such as TGE, you can generate the distribution breakdowns without dates and configure the schedule later.

Leaving the TGE and first batch dates empty will simply show TGE and the batch dates as To Be Decided "TBD". You can easily come back and click Edit schedule at a later point to setup the missing dates.

Multiple vesting schedules

To distribute tokens on a separate vesting schedule you need to create a separate deal first. A deal can only represent one vesting schedule at a time. You can create unlimited vesting schedules with unlimited deals.

Adding completed distributions outside Presail

There's currently no option to add already completed distributions inside Presail. However, it will be possible to mark previous distributions as manually completed in an upcoming iteration which should help in achieving the same result.

📤 Completing A Distribution [Advanced Guide]

Step 1: To distribute a batch, click the deal you want to distribute from and navigate to the Distributions tab, then click "Start distribution".

You can also click on the TGE tab or one of the Batch tabs then click "Start distribution".

Step 2: Select the network and add the token address, click Next.

Step 3: After reviewing the distribution details click Generate breakdown.

Step 4: Click Distribute Now to start the distribution process.

Distributing without setting up a schedule

To start distributing without setting up a schedule go to the Distributions tab inside a deal, then click the Start distribution button. Then follow the steps shown above for adding the network and token address.

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