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✅ How to complete the KYC process
✅ How to complete the KYC process
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😇 What Type Of Information Must I Provide To Complete KYC?

You must provide the following information:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Citizenship/Nationality

  • Country of residency

You must also upload a valid ID and take a selfie to verify your identity.

It is important that you provide correct information. Providing false information or an unauthentic ID (fake ID, modified ID, or someone else's ID) will ban you from registration and investment.

🛂 How Do I Upload My ID Correctly?

Make sure the ID you upload is:

  • Clear and legible

  • Valid (not expired)

  • No light glare

Pro tip: For ID verification, uploading your passport or national ID will speed up the KYC process. Uploading other types of ID may prolong the KYC process.

🤳🏽 How Do I Take A Selfie Correctly?

The selfie you take must clearly show your face from the front, from the left side, and from the right side. Make sure:

  • You position yourself in the center of the camera and then move your face left and right to show both sides.

  • You don’t have any obstacles in front of your face (e.g., remove your glasses or anything else blocking your face)

  • You have sufficient lighting (not too dark / too bright)

  • Your picture is not blurred or otherwise unclear

Pro tip: Follow the instructions to avoid rejected ID verification. Incomplete/unsatisfactory ID verification goes through a review process that can take time and hinder you from investing in time. Ensure you do it right so you don’t miss out on a deal!

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