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🤲 What is a public pool?
🤲 What is a public pool?

A short guide on how a public pool works, and what the most common use-cases are.

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A public pool refers to a type of pool where deal access is facilitated exclusively through the Deals page in the investor portal.

  • Public pools have no restrictions. Anyone with access to the domain you have set up and a web3 wallet can invest in a public pool you create.

  • When you create a public pool, the option to invest in the public pool will appear in all contribution pages, even in contribution pages accessed through other pool types.

Note that while public pools can only be accessed from the investor portal, you can still add other pools and pool types like whitelist or private within the same deal.

💡 Common Public-Pool Use Cases

  • Public pools are commonly referred to as the launchpad pool type. Each deal is presented with a unique modal through the Deals page in the investor portal. If you want investors to easily explore multiple live deals, public pools make that possible.

  • Since the landing page of the investor portal is the Deals page, creating a public pool can be a great option if you want to make a deal publicly accessible. It is not uncommon for projects to direct their investment landing page to the investor portal.

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