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πŸ“„ What is a whitelist pool?
πŸ“„ What is a whitelist pool?

A short guide on how a whitelist pool works, and what the most common use-cases are.

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A whitelist pool refers to a type of pool where deal access is facilitated exclusively for specific wallet addresses you whitelist.

  • When you create a whitelist pool, the individuals you whitelist can access your deal through the main contribution link. Without whitelist status, third parties can't invest or access deal data, even if they obtain access to the link for whitelisted investors.

  • You can add countless unique whitelist pools in a deal. Whitelist pools also appear in the Deals tab, but only for the investors that are whitelisted.

  • Whitelist pools are private. With whitelist pools, you guarantee that only the specific individuals you whitelist can access a given deal, allocation, or fee by being connected to a wallet address you have whitelisted.

Note that while whitelist pools are for whitelisted investors only, you can still add other pools and pool types like private or public within the same deal.

πŸ’‘ Common Whitelist Pool Use Cases

  • Whitelist pools are commonly used to manage investments reserved for team members, VCs, or large investors. These groups tend to have unique or private allocations and fees.

  • Whitelist pools contribute to setting up tiered access to a deal, confirming that participants truly belong to a distinct tier. If an NFT or Token represents your tier, you can easily whitelist the addresses owning or holding your NFT or Token.

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