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πŸ”§ How to manage your OTC marketplace
πŸ”§ How to manage your OTC marketplace

This quick guide shows you how to approve and manage OTC trades on your platform.

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The OTC marketplace allows investors to list, buy and sell their off-chain allocations in a secondary marketplace inside your platform. Investors can buy and sell their allocations to other individuals.
After you activate the OTC marketplace on your platform, this guide will explain the information you see inside the OTC tab, and how you can approve or decline trades.

How To Manage Open Orders

The Open Orders tab is split into two sections: Matched Orders & Investors OTC.

The Matched Orders section displays all listings matched with a buyer. For the buyer to complete the OTC trade and pay, you must Approve the OTC trade. The approval updates the state of the trade and sends an Email notifying the buyer that he can now pay.

The Investors OTC section displays all the listings that are currently active, but that have not been matched with a buyer. An admin can Decline an OTC listing at this stage.

What Information Is Found In The History Tab?

The History tab shows a log of any OTC trade that has been Completed, Declined, or Canceled. Completed trades will have a TX hash that links to a trade transaction.

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