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๐Ÿค What is the OTC marketplace?
๐Ÿค What is the OTC marketplace?

This guide will showcase how the OTC marketplace works, and how to enable OTC trades.

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The OTC marketplace allows investors to list, buy and sell their off-chain allocations in a secondary marketplace inside your platform. Investors can buy and sell their allocations to other individuals both prior to the listing of a token (Pre-TGE) as well as trade allocations in launched deals (Post-TGE) that are in the middle of a vesting schedule.

What Does The OTC Marketplace Include?

  • An easy way to list a full or partial allocation for sale for a specific price both Pre-TGE and Post-TGE.

  • An easy way to preview and buy listed allocations both Pre-TGE and Post-TGE.

  • An automated payment system with instant settlements.

  • Automated allocation management adjustments for changes in allocation ownership.

  • Automatic transfers of any escrow fees to the wallet of your choice.

  • A holistic view of all open, pending, and completed OTC trades.

How Does The OTC Marketplace Work In Practice?

We have several guides that explain how the OTC marketplace works:

What Kind Of OTC Fees Are There?

There are two types of fees in the OTC marketplace:

  • Escrow Fee: A fee that is freely chosen by the manager of a platform.

  • Service Fee: A 2.5% fee by Presail on all OTC trades.

Who Pays The OTC Fees, And How Is It Settled?

Fees in the OTC marketplace are paid by the buyer of an allocation. When payment for an allocation is completed through the marketplace, it is split between three wallets:

  • Seller's wallet. The seller receives the amount the allocation was sold for.

  • Escrow wallet: The platform manager receives the escrow fee for the sale.

  • Service Fee wallet: Presail receives the service fee for the sale.

Payments are split automatically using the Presail distributions smart contract, and at no point does the buyer need to send tokens manually to a wallet.

What Tokens Are Supported For OTC Payments?

Presail currently supports payments through 4 different stablecoins:

  • USDC on Ethereum

  • B-USDC, B-USDT & BUSD on BNB Smart Chain.

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