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🛒 How to buy allocations for sale in the OTC marketplace Pre-TGE
🛒 How to buy allocations for sale in the OTC marketplace Pre-TGE

This guide gives you a preview of how you can buy allocations for sale Pre-TGE.

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The OTC marketplace lets you buy off-chain allocations on a secondary marketplace. In order to buy an allocation, another investor has to list their allocation for sale through the platform you are part of. If you wish to buy a Post-TGE allocation click here.

Buying Allocations For Sale Pre-TGE [Basic Guide]

1️⃣ Log in to the Investor Portal of the platform you invest through.

2️⃣ Navigate to the OTC Tab.
3️⃣ Navigate to the left hand side of the Market tab and click buy on one of the listings.
4️⃣ Submit your buy order.
5️⃣ Wait for your buy order to be picked up by an investor, afterwards a platform administrator will have to Approve your buy order.
6️⃣ You can track the status of your trade in the Current Orders tab.
7️⃣ Once your buy order is approved, click the Pay button.
8️⃣ Choose the Chain and Currency, and Approve the TX in your wallet.
9️⃣ Click the Approve & Proceed to payment button followed by clicking Pay, and confirm the TX in your wallet.
9️⃣ The trade is now Complete. You can see the allocation in your portfolio.

🛒 Buying Allocations For Sale Pre-TGE [Advanced Guide]

Step 1: Log in to the Investor Portal on the domain of the platform you invest through. If you are uncertain of the domain URL, contact your platform manager.

Step 2: Navigate to the OTC tab. Listed orders available for purchase will be shown on the left hand side of the market tab.

Pre-TGE: Will have a coloured number in the middle and be multiplier based.

Step 3: Located below the deal name is that allocations original pool token price. Not to be confused with the token price the listing is for. Your token price will be shown after clicking buy.

Step 4: The gray number is the USD value of the allocation the investor wants to sell, whereas the number below in green is the price in USD to purchase the allocation.

Step 5: The "1.2x" shown in the middle indicates the price difference between the allocation value in gray and the asking price in green. In this case the asking price is 20% "(1.2x)" higher than the original value of that specific allocation.

Step 6: If you want to negotiate the price you can click the negotiate button, this will redirect you to their Telegram profile for messaging. To submit a buy order click the buy button.

Step 7: After clicking buy we get an overview of the trade. The allocation amount you're buying will be shown top right. Displayed below the deal name is your current allocation, and your new allocation after completing the order.

Step 8: Shown below is the price to purchase the allocation, and beneath that is the service fee.

Step 9: After reviewing the total price of the trade we can proceed by clicking the Submit buy order button. Once the order has been submitted you will have to wait for a platform administrator to approve the order. This can only be done by admins. An e-mail will be sent to you when your order has been approved, containing a link to your Current orders tab in the OTC market page, all thats left is for you to then click pay.


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