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πŸ”— What is a private pool?
πŸ”— What is a private pool?

A short guide on how private pools works, and what the most common use-cases are.

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A private pool refers to a type of pool where deal access is facilitated exclusively through a designated link.

  • When you create a private pool, a unique link is generated for that pool. This link will redirect to the investment page of the deal the pool belongs to. Any individual possessing a link belonging to a private pool, can participate in the associated deal.

  • You can add countless unique private pools in a deal. Private pools do not appear in the Deals tab in the investor portal.

Note that while private pools are only accessible through links, you can still add other pools and pool types like whitelist or public within the same deal.

πŸ’‘ Common Private Pool Use Cases

  • In closed investment groups that are tier-based, private pools are often used to generate unique links with different rulesets for each tier within the community. It is especially useful when different tiers have variable allocations or fees.

  • Private pools are very useful for marketing campaigns where you want to involve a third party to promote your deal in exchange for a commission. By creating a unique link for the third party, you can track the contributions attributed to the third party.

  • Private pools are commonly used by projects to forward investors directly to a deal. Because a link can seamlessly be incorporated as a button on a website or within a social media post, it makes it easy to guarantee quick access to the contribution page.

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