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🎱 How do pools work?
🎱 How do pools work?

This guide gives you a brief introduction into how pools work.

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The pools page is where you will be managing your fundraise and see users allocations. To start fundraising and accept entries you need to add at least one pool. Here's an example after pools are created and people have started contributing:

Pools also work by grouping and separating different sets of investors within the same deal. They are used for setting up private tiers, raffles, referrals or allowing allocations to the public. With pools, you define the rulesets of how much investors can contribute, what fees they pay (if any), who can access your deal, and how they access your deal.

🎱 Presail Has 3 Pool Types

Private: People can only invest in the pool through a private link.

Public: Anyone who logs into your investor portal can invest.

Whitelist: A pool that only is accessible to specific wallet addresses your whitelist.


πŸ“‹ The Rules You Can Define In Each Pool

  • The minimum investment limit an investor has to contribute.

  • The maximum investment cap an investor can contribute.

  • The fee that an investor has to pay when investing (if any).

  • The fundraising cap you want the pool to be limited to (optional).

  • The wallet addresses that have access to the pool (only in whitelist pools)

We have created separate guides that show how Private, Public, and Whitelist pools work.

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